Brief description of me…


My name is Stefan.


I am interested in things related to end to end software development (from backend to the front end), IT security. I like to explore frameworks, foods, life hacks, etc.


I enjoy thinking in different perspectives than other people usually think. I like to work with software and gadgets such as Java, Internet of Things, Software Security, research & develop backend/web/mobile/alexa app using my MBP while enjoying a cup of freshly brewed hot coffee.


My professional experience are mainly in software development. From coding, design pattern, multi threading, database, socket, security, backend-to-frontend development, etc. I experienced in java development, scrum team, cyber security, and financial market.


I live in Singapore with my lovely wife, and an adorable son. I am working in financial service industry as Senior Software Developer.


Please feel free to leave me your message here.