Brief description of me…


My name is Stefan Auw Yang.


I have developed my professional experience in architecting and engineering by leveraging my passion in software engineering with willingness to take stretch responsibilities. I believe consistently facing new problems and exploring creative solutions helped me to develop multi-disciplinary skills. I spent years collaborating with cross functional teams, leading technical team members, as well as individually contributing to projects within banking and financial service domain (both local and global companies) in Singapore.


I am experienced in architecting application in cloud (especially with AWS and terraform). I enjoy developing end-to-end application from scratch, both back-end and front-end using right purpose-built database. I have use different types of both SQL and no-SQL databases and use them with correct pupose. Besides, my experience in setting-up and securing internet-facing application helped me understand encryption key management, secure authentications, and vulnerability exploitation risks in hostile internet environment. I am very confident troubleshooting and fixing problems in complex multi-threading application.


I am able to write clean code with backend & UI programming languages from scratch, familiar with real-time mesage streaming, and understand how to design scalable distributed application for high-throughput and low-latency in cloud environment. I enjoy working on containerized application on cloud-agnostic such as with Kubernetes as well as AWS native deployment. I am also quiet familiar with internet network infrastructure.


I understand how to govern data quality and leverage data to improve processes using AI/ML, able to hands-on using data science and writing models with machine learning libraries to solve problems (using Python). I would be excited for opportunity to combine different software engineering practices such as using ML-Ops in Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) or any other exciting working opportunities.


My personal views expressed in this site are my own, and do not reflect those of my employer or any of my clients. Thank you for your interest to understand more about me.


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